can the pru be executed when the beaglebone is off?


I want to implement a low-cost energy process that is independent of the main CPU and runs when the Beaglebone is powered off. can PRU the beagle to run alone even if it does not have the operating system.

Thank you

beaglebone off, of course. You could probably put CPU to sleep but keep PRU
going, but I am not sure how much power will it save--you'd still have to
power memory and all the peripheral chips (PMIC etc).

In general, beaglebone is not exactly a low power platform. If you want
long-running power efficient operation, you probably should use one of the
low-end microcontrollers like CortexM, or MSP430 to do the low energy part,
and maybe power up the Beaglebone to do the high-power stuff if you need it.