Can you flash eMMC on BBB from something other than the SD card slot? (USB port?)

Hello all,

I am wondering if there is a method to flash the eMMC on the BBB by using serial commands or the USB port? I am trying to automate the flashing step and do not want to use an SD card, as this is a manual process.

Thanks for your help!

I would love to do this as well. the BBB appears to be able to boot from serial and network. I have not found anything yet.

here are some pages i found that might be helpful.

once booted an image can be written to the eMMC. I have not tried this yet.

some help on serial booting. boot

Probably not via USB, because that requires the OS on eMMC to be up and
running to create the USB serial gadget, and overwriting a running OS is
asking for it… big time!

Years ago we had a similar problem with some Ka-Ro TX-27 modules and I
believe the solution was to hook to the console UART and use an
`expect`¹ script to tell the boot-loader (RedBoot in this case) to load
an image from a TFTP server over the network and flash it that way.