can1 on Debian 12 v6.1 on Beaglebone black

Any changes to CAN interfaces in 6.1 to compare to 5.10?
Interface can1 disappeared in 6.1 and only can0 available.

I am pretty sure the second CAN port has never been enabled by default as the pins clash with something, maybe HDMI, not sure

If you had the second port you must have been using a custom devicetree/overlay to enable it.

The second can works just fine, it’s pins are shared with the i2c bus… So you’ll need to load a specific can overlay to use it… (enable can, disable i2c)…


Right, everything was ok with can1 before 6.1.
I’ve tried to setup can1 the way I did for 5.10, but it always come as can0 on 6.1

On 5.10 “ip a” shows both can0 and can1. On 6.1 only can0 comes up, even if I’ll try to setup can1 or both can0 and can1.

5.10 setap works fine for me.
Question. What is the right way to setup can0 and can1 on Beaglebone Black for 6.1.69? No capes with EEPROM.

Thank you.