CANbus cape

Greetings. I’ve been trying to determine if there is a cape which is commonly accepted for CANbus.

CircuitCo seems to have had a RevA board, which is discontinued. I can find nothing about Rev B, except that it is coming, or was in May 2014.

What is the recommended solution for people that need to do CANbus? Should they build their own based on RevA documentation?

–Rick Kwan

We use:, and it works great. Perhaps you may also be interested in the blog post I just put up last night as well ? Which is information you can possibly pick up on the internet else where. But this information is all in one place, and hopefully in an easier to read format ? If not, leave a comment telling me “hey buddy, this blog post sucks” :wink:

Eventually though, I plan on sharing my whole experience using socketCAN on the begelbone with this cape. I have to say, once I figured out what I needed to know ( i knew nothing going in ), I found it a fairly decent experience.

By the way, this cape works on all kernels that I’ve tested so far. 4.x works really good with it in fact. But I’ve test variants in 3.8.x, 3.14.x, and 4.x. With the eeprom on the cape, the cape is also automatically detected at system up. Assuming you have the proper device tree file for it in /lib/firmware/