Cannot bitbake virtual/kernel. mirror source doesn't work

Hi guys!

When i try to build a new kernel image:

firstly I bitbake -c clean virtual/kernel ; bitbake -c configure
in the second step above I get error due to the mirror is

In #beagle i got help about what i should do:
I have to edit the recipe SRC_URI field in order to get the kernel
source from a working mirror:

I edit the recipe as follows:
remove: SRC_URI += "git://
stable/linux-3.0.y.git;protocol=git \
added: SRC_URI += "git://;protocol=git \
But i got error at the moment do_task_unpack. I dont's know how i have
to do

The question is how do i have to point the SRC_URI variable in order
to get bitbake virtual/kernel properly.

Thanks in advance