Cannot get access to 2nd partition on SD card.

Have followed the instructions in
but the second partition is not accessaible. I am using VMware running
It is impossible to put any files into the 2nd partition thus trying
to untar always fails.
Any solutions would be welcome. Regards. Harry.

I'm no VMWare expert, but it would seem to me that even with VMWare
you might have problems accessing an ext3 partition from within
windows. I did a Google search on trying to access ext3 partitions in
Windows using VMWare and came across the following thread:

Are you running server 2? Maybe you don't have raw disk support? Just
throwing that out there. Hope it helps.

Thanks that confirms my thoughts. I need to do the file copy on a real
Linux m/c
I only did the VMware as it was advised on the BeagleBoard starting

maybe this is a 1.x vs. 2.x issue or could it be that a USB adapter is assumed? i can, in Linux running on VMware, get access to a USB SD card adapter and do all the low-level accesses and see all the partitons.

Dont think so.
The ext3 partition in VM give error in any attemp to copy to. There is
a folder in there as Lost&Found.
Instead having put the Angsrtom imiage on partition1 I have used
Beagle to untar it.
Now I find that the boot instructions as setenv and saveenv are not
Have used EXPORT to set bootargs seem to work but not for bootcmd.

Seems that since the article was produced it has not caught up with
the ongoing revisions.

Did you have any success?

I’m using vmware 2.5 running fedora.
I can create both dos and linux filesystems on the card, and save the partitions.

But when I do a mkfs, only the disk is seen (dev/sdc1), no partitions.
It invariably gets reset to its original cylinder/head/sector settings,

I’ll try on a “real” linux installation later