Cannot Get Pocket Beagle to See Internet

I am having a real problem getting my pocket beagle to access the internet. I’ve tried several online tutorials involving Linux and Windows hosts, but with absolute no luck. I can ssh over USB, but want to install additional software and updates. Thanks!

Here’s the scripts I have my students use:

git clone exercises --depth=1

**The follow the instructions here:**

This sets up your Linux host to do ip Masquerading and then sets up your Bone to go through the host to get to the internet.



Thank you for the excellent instructions. However, I am still having trouble getting my PocketBeagle to ping anybody. Thanks to your instructions, I can log onto the bone without a password for debian and root. That makes logging on to the bone much simpler, but for the life of me, I cannot get the bone to talk to the internet.

If I were happy with the preinstalled software and did not want to add other packages, life would be good - but no, I want to add something that does not come preinstalled.

Any more suggestions?

Thanks again for your help!

Were you ever able to get and to work on the Pocket?



With a bit of effort, I was able to share the network with the PocketBeagle. I had to write two scripts to get things to work. is run on the host while is run on the bone. Once both scripts are run on their respective machines, things work as desired.

Thank you for your help. I have attached both scripts so you can see what I did to get things working for me. I am looking forward to working with BeagleBone in the future. I teach Senior Design in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at UTDallas and what I like about the platform is that, you should be able replace a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino with a single board. However, in order to help my students, I need to learn the platform too. I still have a long way to go, but I will get there.

Once again, I do thank you for your help.

Best regards,

Neal Skinner (298 Bytes) (415 Bytes)

I’m glad you got it working. Your scripts appear to work like mine. Mine had to be a bit fancier since when on campus you can’t use off campus DNS’s and off campus you can’t use the campus DNSs. My script figures out what the host computer is using and uses it.

I’ve been teaching with the Beagle for some 10 years. Have you seen the wiki pages[1] I use for my class? I also have a git repo[2] where I keep all my class materials. You are welcome to either.

Indeed, the PRU on the Beagle can do the work that’s often offloaded to the Arduino. Have you seen the PRU Cookbook[3]? I go through a bunch of examples that show how to use the PRU to generate deterministic waveforms. It’s possible to generate a 50MHz squarewave using the PRU programmed in C.


[1] Category:ECE497 -
[2] GitHub - MarkAYoder/BeagleBoard-exercises: This ia collection of files used for my embedded Linux class. Run ./ to install the the packages needed for the class. --Mark 19-July-2012
[3] PRU Cookbook


I have seen your very extensive and impressive body of work online. I downloaded the PRU cookbook a few weeks ago and actually got my PocketBeagle to blink an LED using the PRU!

I got a Black, Wireless for Christmas, so I am moving up hardware wise and look forward to working with it.

Unfortunately, now that the Spring semester is starting, I have less time to devote to learning the Beagle, but I would really like to see my Senior Design teams stop hooking Arduinos to their Raspberry Pis. It just isn’t pretty and totally unnecessary.

I really want to thank you again for your help,