Cannot i2cdetect I2C device PCA9685 on BBG

I have connected I2C device PCA9685 to BBG and try i2cdetect and nothing came out! ?
I check with support from PCA9685 and change to connect to a second PCA9685; still not i2cdetect on 40?

I have checked some relevant topic and perhaps my BBG’s i2c “OVERLAY” or “DEVICE TREE” not setting right?

Need your kindly help!



I have updated my machine to the newest image and kernel that provide. Also, I use config-pin now. For example: sudo config-pin P9.17 i2c and then try sudo config-pin P9.18 i2c, too. That should open up your i2c address on your BBB or other related boards.


P.S. DTOs are old news as far as I am concerned. They have U-Boot Overlays now. Anyway, here is some reading on the subject: