Cannot load device tree overlay at startup

Hello there,
I am using a custom build kernel using the script from Mr Nelson ( I am facing problems with loading a device tree overlay for dvi cape at startup. I was abble to succesfully load the overlay using echo BB-BONE-DVID-01 > slots when running already. I tried sifferent methods for loading the device tree at startup.

I tried creating uEnv.txt in /boot/ directory that contains:


enable systemd

optargs=quiet init=/lib/systemd/systemd

enable dvi



This havent worked so i tried editing /etc/default/capemgr with:



But that also did not help, the dts is not loading at startup.
I would aprichiate any hints on this case. Is there any step I could possibly miss when loading device trees at startup?
I am using debian wheezy.

dmesg | grep cape


This is the grep cape from the debug console when booting.
Ill pase the grep cape from dmesg tommorow morning if theres anything missing, the board was left at university.

This is the output of dmesg:

There is no sign of BB-BONE-DVID-01 loading, but only BB-BONE-DVID-02, and I am not loading this overlay anywhere. Are there any other places I can check for capes that are loaded at startup? I feel the BB-BONE-DVID-02 is loaded by default somehow.

W dniu 2015-03-31 o 15:23, Robert Nelson pisze:

Can you try the following in uEnv.txt

First thing in the morning.

Can you pass many parameters to optargs, so I can still use systemd?

Same thing :confused:

Hi there,
Any other hints maybe? I still havent resolved this :.

Editing /etc/default/capemgr worked for me, can you try creating uenv.txt in /boot/uboot ?

Ill try replacing the uEnv.txt, will let know as soon as I do.

Moving uEnv.txt havent solved the issue: Any other thoughts?

I am too seeing this issue on the latest 4.1 kernel.

This is a custom cape that loads fine echoing direct to the slot but when I add to the /etc/default/capemgr file nothing happens.

Nothing in the log at all for it.


The script that uses /etc/default/capemgr needs to be patched for v4.1.x