Cannot SSH to Ubuntu on BeagleBone

I’ve been trying to get my USB wifi module to work on my BeagleBone, and thought that installing Ubuntu would make the process easier. I’ve run into a new problem: I cannot use SSH to connect to my BeagleBone once Ubuntu is installed.

It does not matter if I am using a Virtual Machine or an actual Linux OS to connect to it. The only way I can connect to my BeagleBone is through Minicom. This is extremely problematic since I can only have one terminal screen open to use my Bone. Has anyone found a solution to this problem?

Are you sure that you can reach the ip address of the bone?

Are you sure that your ssh server is running?

Check you firewall rules to see if it is blocking ssh.

I don’t have USB wifi module, but on ethernet, mine works just fine.

– Marco

Are you connecting with the username of the ubuntu image?

eg. $ ssh ubuntu@


My development process involves several ssh terminal connections to my BB, also sshfs. The only issue was tracking down what ip address had been assigned after I first installed ubuntu. I finally used a freely available network scanner. Since then it’s been clear sailing.

Apologies for the late response.

After installing Ubuntu onto the BeagleBone, I am trying to connect my PC to my BeagleBone via USB cable, not through Ethernet. I am unfamiliar with setting up IP addresses.

ethernet over usb doesnt work out of the box. use hyperterminal and
serial to connect over usb. you can then configure the usb for
ethernet (i think there's a decent openmoko tute on that somewhere) or
plug in a lan cable and go that way.