Can't boot after running the Re-flash Procedure - OMAP 35x EVM


I was trying to re-flash with latest kernel, I operated as guided in
the GettingStarted- I did the re-flash several times
because it keep respond a "Kernel panic" error after reset.

But in my last trying, after I finished the *5.4.2 Running the Re-
flash Procedure*, there's no more u-boot prompt on the TeraTerm or
minicom anymore.

Before that I've re-flash the board with u-boot and uImage afforded in
*OMAP35x-PSP-SDK-*, it works good except errors like
"kernel panic".

It is still able to re-flash u-boot through UART-3, but no help.

Also I failed to boot with SD. ( maybe need to set proper environment
variable first?)

This board uses Micron Memory.

Pure newbie, need help.




i recently ran into a similar problem. My bb failed to boot from any of the options available. Then I came across: It’s worth checking out for bringing your board back to life.

And about not being able to boot the latest kernel. I’m in the same boat as well. I’m still trying to figure out .