Can't compile because I don't have glib.h

I have spent a lot time on trying to get this file but I can't find it
anywhere. Its really throwing me off. I am trying to interface with
my PWM signals on my beagleboard using the Angstrom distribution. I
have configured the pins to set to PWM signals. Now I am trying to
run the code given in the following elinux reference towards the of
the page:

The link is to the "omap3530-pwm-1.1.tar.gz" library. In it, it uses
the glib.h header files and I am assuming libglib-2.0 library as
well. I looked into my /usr/lib and /usr/bin and I have no glib.h
file. Hence I get a long list of errors of which I won't paste here
because putty doesn't support copy/pasta ::grumble:: that partly says
that glib.h is not found. I'm not sure if all errors means this but
I'm not able to tell. So please help me keep my sanity and tell me
what I am doing wrong.

Does anyone know how I can get the glib.h and libglib-2.0 files onto
my Angstrom distro? Are there any packages available of which I can
download through opkg?

Thanks all.

using minicom will solve the problem of copy paste…
may be this link guides you out of ur problem…


you may also try this

opkg install libgtk2.0-dev
this will get glib.h


Are you sure?

I just did and got a unknown package return.

The one that worked for me was: opkg install libgtk-2.0

yeah… both are same…
glib.h gets with libgtk-2.0 package only…