Can't connect to on BBB via USB...What am I doing wrong? Help, please......

Hi All…Thanks in advance for any help here. I am a new guy and just got the BBB. I have gone through step 2 with no issues, but my PC will NOT get to (step 3) via USB to BBB. I have tried all 4 PC’s that I own. Three running Windows 10 and one running Vista. The 32 bit drivers load fine (green check marks) on the Vista PC. Tired Firefox and Chrome.
I have spent hours trying to figure this out and bought two books, so I want to get into this, but nothing works. I have WiFi. I have trued turning this off, but no luck. The BBB does show up as a “gadget” but no connectivity.
I can connect a Ethernet cable to a repeater and see the internet when the BBB is hooked up to a monitor. Thoughts? Any help would be appreciated.


I assume you are connected to the BBB via USB. Have you tried to set the IP adress of the PC (the new connection when you plug in the BBB) to

I'm working with several BBBs and I had a similar issue with one of them.