can't connect to

I have just got my new beagle bone black. I followed the instructions and every thing was ok till the last step, it didn’t wanna connect to the IP : . I have google chrome browser and windows xp professional. what shall I do?

Just making sure, you went through the Getting Started Page, right?

When you mount your BBB, can you see your BBB on My Computer? If you can, open it and open the START.htm file.Wait for the buttons on the left to turn green, then scroll down to Step #3 and click the ‘Click here to launch’ link.

yes I did go through the getting started. I can see my BBB on my computer. but the buttons didn’t get green.

That’s unusual. So you were able to see your BeagleBone on my computer, which means you have all the drivers installed. Have you tried re-flashing your board at all?

You also mentioned you had Google Chrome. Try installing the ‘Google Chrome Secure Shell’ add on and tell me if you can connect using that. The link is here: