Can't connect to beaglebone.local with BBB

Dear Everyone

I just got serious problem with my BBB. I just have it and am going to get start with it through the way as start. but when I use the local ip address ( it showed as below:

and I check the internet connection with router and USB cable, its working well. I think the normally picture as shown as above should be like this:

I do not know the reason, please help me! :(((((

Thank you very much

Kind Regards


I am really sorry I just forget to mention my system, I use Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

But I JUST use the Windows system it works, But I still confused why it didn’t worked on the Ubuntu 12.04?! :((((((((

Do you have zeroconf installed? Give this page a look:

My Windows installation already had Bonjour installed, so it was able to reach *.local addresses, but I think I might have had to install avahi on my Ubuntu laptop.