can't enable s video for beagleboard xm rev c

Hi All,

I am a beginner in Beagle Board. I am using beagle board xm rev c. For my purpose I need to enable both camera and s video.I am using kernel 2.6.32. which is already with the beagleboard xm rev c. I am using Mt9p031 camera driver with LI-5M03 sensor.I can enable camera and take pictures.But I can’t enable s video output.

I installed camera using

opkg install kernel-module-mt9p031

and changed u-boot as


Then boot with uEnv.txt with content

dvimode=“hd720 omapfb.vram=0:8M,1:4M,2:4M”
console=“tty0 console=ttyS2,115200n8”

for enabling s video

created boot.scr with the content

setenv bootargs ‘console=ttyS2,115200n8 omapfb.mode=tv:ntsc omapdss.def_disp=tv root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rootfstype=ext3 rootwait’
mmc init
fatload mmc 0 0x80300000 uImage
bootm 0x80300000

and created uEnv.txt containing

loaduimage=fatload mmc ${mmcdev} ${loadaddr} ${bootenv}
mmcboot=echo Running boot.scr script from mmc …; source ${loadaddr}

s video is working.But not well,just like a blinking console,can not controll it and /dev/video0 not found.

Please help me…