Cant flash Jessie to BBB


I can’t manage to flash Jessie to my BBB. I tried to install Jessie (Debian version; still in testing fase). But when I try to flash Jessie the leds light up in the following pattern USR0 → USR1 → USR2 → USR3 → USR0 and so on. I left it on for about an hour and still saw no difference. Do I have to wait longer, or is it maybe my fault for using windows to create the bootable SD-card and it should work with Linux?

The reason I’m trying to flash it, is because I can’t get the Ralink UWN100 to work with the debian image Chipsee provided (I’m using their 7 inch lcd screen), and I’ve heard that it’s supported in Jessie.

I really really would appreciate any help!

Thanks in advance,


Hi Auke:

What kind (revision, size memory) of Beaglebone Black?
Which version of Jessie? (Date and name?)
What size SD-Card?
What speed of SD card?

If the card is big enough, and the memory on the BBB is large enough, then
you should be able to install the “.img” on the card using Win32DiskImager and
have it install on the BBB just fine. Time will be 10 minutes for a fast SD card, and
perhaps 30 minutes for a slow card.

— Graham

I believe I have a BBB with 2 gigabyte eMMC. Problem is that I just cant seem to manage to get the images Chipsee provided with their expansion (their LCD cape) to work with the ralink usb wifi adapter (UWN100). Thatś why I’m trying to make it work with an other distribution :frowning:

Most of the Debian distributions will totally fill the 2 GB eMMC. I suspect that is your problem.

You will either need to find a distribution that can load and run in 2 GB, or get a FAST uSD card
that is larger than 2 GB and load the Debian distribution and run from the card instead.

— Graham