Cant get android to load/flash off sd card

Hi all,

I got a begalbone black over a week ago and I am trying to load android on to it.
I have followed all the instructions on the elinux wiki on how to do it, I have tried 3 pc’s tried re downloading the image. (
I have tried windows and linux. used terminal in linux and Win32 Disk Imager on windows
I have pressed the s2 button then plugged the power on, have tried the other buttons and no buttons.
When im holding the s2 button only the power led comes on the user leds never come on, unless i dont hold it and it boots to Debian
I have a 5v 3amp power supply for it.

It boots to Debian fine every time I dont hold the s2 button

Is there something else to try or is the BBB most likely faulty?

Thanks Matt