Can't input angthing after booting...

Can’t input angthing after booting…

I have a clone beagleboard, and tried to install linux on it. But, whatever I was installed, Angstrom, Ubuntu or a linux built by myselft, I can’t input angthing by minicom or other terminal software.I can’t stop autoboot, can’t input the bootcmd, can’t type user and password.

But I can see the output of the board!

There is no dvi interface on the board, and network didn’t go well.Although it have a TFT LCD, but in general system didn’t support it.

I put some boot infomation in the attachment.The attachment infomation based on ubuntu release .


bootinfo.txt (17 KB)

Which board did you copy?
Is your schematic correct?
Is the PCB layout correct?


So you "cloned" a board, added a TFT LCD and just "expected" my image
to work.. Show us the Schematic's, otherwise you are on your own..


I don’t see any bugs in the bootlog

Disable HW-flow control for your RS232 connection and try again


It’s a chinese BeagleBoard clone.I didn’t clone the beagleboard by myself.
I don’t kown which the board cloned.And HW-flow was disabled.
No matter the TFT LCD, I just want to be able to enter the username and password by serial…
I put schematics in the attachment.

PS:my english is not very good…


在 2013年10月16日星期三UTC+8下午12时15分22秒,李三思写道:

3530_kfb.pdf (131 KB)

Not a very good clone. The processor is missing. I assume there is more to the schematic, maybe?


I'd contact the manufacture of the "Clone"...


e… no more schematic, the processor is omap3530.

在 2013年10月16日星期三UTC+8下午11时21分17秒,Gerald写道:

it kinda reminds me of that devkit8000, beagleboard knock off.. Looks
like it only has OTG usb, do you have the right usb adapter/usb


In fact, It has no OTG usb on the board.
Because of no HDMI interface, even if it has OTG usb and I can input by using keyboard.
I also can’t see what I type in. So I have to use the serial.

在 2013年10月17日星期四UTC+8上午11时47分23秒,RobertCNelson写道: