can't kernel upgrade a Debian BBB rev .C from 3.8.13-bone47

Seems like sort of a ridiculous problem given how easy this SHOULD be, but…

I am trying to upgrade my base kernel on the mmc card from 3.8.13-bone47 to bone71 using the /opt/scripts/tools/ script. It installs all the Debian kernel image stuff into the /boot partition no problem, but the newer kernel doesn’t show up upon reboot. Just the same ole’ bone47 kernel.

When I try and modify entries in uEnv.txt to point to the newer kernel, rather than the original one, I get a bricked mmc system with all four leds solidly lit, and have to boot to a rescue sd card to undo things.

Can anybody tell me what I am obviously doing wrong here? Newwer kernel installs but the boot system doesn’t seem to be pointing to it.


cat /etc/dogtag ?