Can't Play Video on Beagle board with Android-2.0.1

Hi All,
Im an Enginnering student from INDIA.

Im working on porting Android-2.0.1 to Beagle Board. I have done
successfully that work..
We have taken Embinux android kernel(Eclairs).

Im trying to play the Video using VideoViewDemo.apk which i got from
the internet.
The playing file is of format H264(video)+AAC(audio).3GP .. here, im
gettting the problem.
I kept this .apk file in RFS/system/app/. when i given this .apk file
in the respected folder it is showing the icon
in system applications. but when i try to play any video file, it is
just rebooting the Beagle Board..

Is there any patches released to overcome this problem?? or any one is
having idea to rectify this??

Expecting a reply as soon as possible....