Can't reboot or shutdown BBB

Tried halt -p, reboot and shutdown. Nothing turns power off my BBB and I have to physically turn off it. Also tried with 3.14.17-bone8 and 3.8-13-bone67. Distro is Debian, running from eMMC.

shutdown -h now

Not working. CPU and heartbeat leds keep blinking, but it won’t respond any ssh command or ping anymore. So it hangs of shutdown.

lauantai, 4. lokakuuta 2014 22.44.34 UTC+3 Wulf Man kirjoitti:

Here is a syslog after shutdown command (don’t know how much is missing, after 10 minutes of hanging I turned it off):


sudo poweroff

Tried that too. I temporarily changed the os to Arch and it does shutdown BBB. Anyway I would like to use Debian and there is undoubtedly something wrong.

tiistai, 7. lokakuuta 2014 13.57.49 UTC+3 Luis José Marmisa Gazo kirjoitti:

There’s a patch that appears to address this issue.

I see the patch, but I cannot find the files that need patching. What am I missing? Thank you for the link!!