*** Can't run myblink.js in cloud9! Any ideas?

The code on this page executes fine!

When I copy and paste cloud9, the debugger highlights and stops in the first line i.e. var b = require(‘bonescript’);

Any ideas on what needs to be done?

Cheers :slight_smile:


var b = require(‘bonescript’);
b.pinMode(‘USR0’, b.OUTPUT);
b.pinMode(‘USR1’, b.OUTPUT);
b.pinMode(‘USR2’, b.OUTPUT);
b.pinMode(‘USR3’, b.OUTPUT);
b.digitalWrite(‘USR0’, b.HIGH);
b.digitalWrite(‘USR1’, b.HIGH);
b.digitalWrite(‘USR2’, b.HIGH);
b.digitalWrite(‘USR3’, b.HIGH);
setTimeout(restore, 2000);

I would start with turning off the debugger. There’s a very inconspicuous green bug icon on the same line as the lower run button. Click it to turn it off.

Otherwise, you can leave debug on, and hit the play button in the debug area to continue to run your code.

OOOhh cheers Milton!

Thats great!
I got it working at the location but
it comes with errors where I login into my personal account https://ide.c9.io/natureloop/demo-project and run it from there

I attach the following pictures! Let me know if you have any ideas.

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Anyone had the same issue?
I can run code as a guest but not when I login as a named user.

Appreciate any feedback!


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