Capacitive touch screen

Does anybody happen to have a Capacitive touch screen using
the edt_ft5x06 driver hooked up to a bone ?

If anybody does can you send me the output of "i2cdump 1 0x38"

I have a tft with cap touch.

it uses a ft5x06 controller

It may be that the current driver built into the kernel will not
function with a non etd touch panel

Its all hooked up correctly I see the device @ 0x38 I think i have the
overlay correct it looks like
all other overlays when it comes to this type of touch panel
i see nothing using these commands related to a display

dmesg | grep i2c
dmesg | grep input

I can see the IRQ pin go low when i press on the display

I dont see any interrupts assigned although i asked for one in the overlay

section in fragment@0 of overlay

                    edt\_ft5x06\_pins: pinmux\_edt\_ft5x06\_pins \{
                            pinctrl\-single,pins = <
                                    BONE\_P9\_23 \(PIN\_INPUT\_PULLUP |

MUX_MODE7) // interrupt for touch

here is fragment 1 where touch is

    fragment@1 \{
            target = <&i2c1>;
            \_\_overlay\_\_ \{
                    pinctrl\-names = "default";
                    pinctrl\-0 = <&bb\_i2c1\_pins>;
                    status = "okay";

                    clock\-frequency = <400000>;

                    /\* shut up DTC warnings \*/
                    \#address\-cells = <1>;
                    \#size\-cells = <0>;

                    // touch screen controller on ER\-TFTM070\-5

                    touch: edt\-ft5x06@38 \{
                        status = "okay";
                        compatible =


                        pinctrl\-names = "default";
                        pinctrl\-0 = <&edt\_ft5x06\_pins>;

                        reg = <0x38>;
                        interrupt\-parent = <&gpio1>;   // gpio1\_17 

pin P9_23
interrupts = <0x17 0x0>;
//reset-gpios = <&gpio2 6 1>;

                        touchscreen\-size\-x = &lt;800&gt;;
                        touchscreen\-size\-y = &lt;480&gt;;

It all looks fine to me but i am at a loss as to why things are not
loaded or detected

IF anybody sees something obvious or knows anything about this please
help :slight_smile:

gpio1_17 -> 17

0x17 -> 23 -> gpio1_23...


interrupt-parent = <&gpio1>; // gpio1_17
pin P9_23
                            interrupts = <0x17 0x0>;

gpio1_17 -> 17

0x17 -> 23 -> gpio1_23...

interrupts = <0x17 0x0> change to interrupts = <0x23 0x0> ?

This is SO confusing sometimes

No if it’s pin gpio1_17 that’s interrupt 17 decimal, not hex.


bangs head on table