cape comparability (DVI-D & Audio rev. B1)

I’m really trying to get the AudioCape rev B1 & DVI-D cape to work together at the same time in the same cape stack on a recent 3.8 kernel. Both capes work flawlessly as the only cape in the cape stack.

when stacked together I initially get a flash of video showing the console display of the kernel booting then it goes away but not to blue as if unplugged and occasionally flashing something graphical on the display about unsupported something or other but I can’t tell if that’s from the monitor or the beagle. it’s like it’s trying but not quite there. when the monitor is unplugged and I ssh in with both stacked together audio will not play but I’m not seeing any errors either.

What’s up? how can I get these working together? is there an incompatibility issue where they absolutely can not work together?