Cape Connectors.

Would anyone be interesting in getting some of the stacking Cape Connectors if i was to organise a group buy for 1000 units or so?
Waiting to hear back from couple of suppliers..

Hi, i have received a price for a stacking connector, based on 1000 units, ( enough for 500 capes )
I would be happy to run a group buy on this, as a small way of helping out the community of developers.

100 2x23 Headers, including delivery by fedex to the USA or Australia will be $US89.00. ( other locations will have to check freight prices ) Funds to be paid by Paypal prior to ordering.

Need a minimum of 6 participants @ 100 peices each, as i will use 400 peices myself.

Sorry not going to break down less than 100 peices, its just too much work for me. If you need less, maybe you can find someone else to share with and break down a 100 between you.

If you are interested,let me know.