Capes for PRU, BB-AI compatible?

Hi all,

I know of the official PRU cape from TI, this was from 2014, when the BeagleBone Black came out, a long time ago.

I now have the BB-AI, while its most likely the cape is compatible, I’m sure there must be something a lot more recent.

Is there at least a general purpose cape, which even has multiplexing selection so one may change how the on-board cape devices connect to the standard P8 and P9 headers?

I’m wanting to at least test basic items such as: LEDs, buttons, I2C and likely serial comms, other items could be ethernet comms, and maybe LCD screen.
It would be nice if these and other items on the board could be multiplexed according to what one is testing at the time. some may be allocated to PRU, others general purpose etc.

I’m wanting to do a lot of PRU testing and prototyping, so hope to be able to test all its features.


I was able to get the TI PRU cape working with the AI. It has the components you’re looking for except for I2C. You’ll have to make a custom device tree overlay for it, but you can then use it to work through Mark Yoder’s excellent tutorials. You can also work through the TI pru-software-support-package that includes a number of examples and labs.