Capture and IPIPE Example DM355

Dear Friends,

I have leopard dm355 board and RidgeRun SDK.I am using 1.3M Aptina Sensor(MT9M112)

I want to capture video data from Camera and run IPIPE example

As I come to know,there is no driver support for MT9M112 sensor in RidgeRun SDK.So, I want to integrate MT9M112 driver to the SDK.

1> any body help me from whre i will get driver files and how to integrate it with SDK?

2> after that How to run iPIPE example?

With Best Regards,
Kiran P Thakkar

Dear Friends,

I’m trying build DM355_EVM file through CCSV4, I get following errors. Please, suggest.

file “…\Build\Debug\boot.obj”
“D:/shiv_ethernet/DM355_EVM_IPCAM/Build/dm355.cmd”, line 56: warning: no
matching section
“D:/shiv_ethernet/DM355_EVM_IPCAM/Build/dm355.cmd”, line 62: warning: memory
range not found: DDR_VECT on page 0
“D:/shiv_ethernet/DM355_EVM_IPCAM/Build/dm355.cmd”, line 62: error: no valid
memory range(NULL) available for placement of “.vects”
“D:/shiv_ethernet/DM355_EVM_IPCAM/Build/dm355.cmd”, line 62: error: placement
fails for object “.vects”, size 0x38 (page 0)
“D:/shiv_ethernet/DM355_EVM_IPCAM/Build/dm355.cmd”, line 54: warning: memory
range not found: DDR_ENTRY on page 0
“D:/shiv_ethernet/DM355_EVM_IPCAM/Build/dm355.cmd”, line 54: error: run
placement fails for object “.user”, size 0x0 (page 0)
error: errors encountered during linking;
“D:/shiv_ethernet/DM355_EVM_IPCAM/Build/Output/DM350_DEB.out” not built
C:\Program Files\Texas Instruments\ccsv4\utils\gmake\gmake: *** [D:/shiv_ethernet/DM355_EVM_IPCAM/Build/Output/DM350_DEB.out] Error 1
C:\Program Files\Texas Instruments\ccsv4\utils\gmake\gmake: Target `all’ not remade because of errors.