change baudrate UART to custom value

Is it possible to change the baud rate of the UART to a custom value like 100.000 bits/s?
In the datasheet of the AM335x Sitara the different modes are:
2.4 Kbps
9.6 Kbps
19.2 Kbps
38.4 Kbps
57.6 Kbps
115.2 Kbps

But I read on this forum that they did set the baud rate to 500k.!topic/beagleboard/EEe7xAkCPkQ

The library that I use (libbulldog) doens’t support custom baudrates, and this one makes use
of the termios.h (which also doesn’t support other baudrates).

Does anyone know how to change the baud rate to a custom value? I need this because I want
to read a bus from a commercial product which works on 100.000 bits/s. (SBus from Futaba).

I am new to programming microcontrollers, so my knowledge of setting registers etc. is limited.

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The AM335x Sitara processor has two registers, divisor high and divisor low, where you can set the preferred divisor.
With the formula ‘baudrate = clock / (over sampling x divisor)’ you can calculate the divisor for the desired baudrate.
There are 2 modes, 16x and 13x, for the over sampling. I will use the 16x mode.

I want to have a baudrate of 100 kbps, so my divisor needs to be 30. This gives an error of 0%.

You can find information about these registers at page 4270 in the datasheet of the AM335x

Does anyone know how I can set these registers?

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I am in the same boat!! I need to set the UART to 250k baud for DMX512 lighting. According to your below math, this should be 16x oversampling and a divisor of 12 for me.
I hope there is a way to set these values via command line and/or config files.

This stuff here is interesting, but I’m not sure how (or if) I can change these numbers?
debian@vBBB20:/sys/devices/ocp.3/481a8000.serial/tty/ttyO4$ ls
close_delay custom_divisor device iomem_base io_type line power type uevent
closing_wait dev flags iomem_reg_shift irq port subsystem uartclk xmit_fifo_size
debian@vBBB20:/sys/devices/ocp.3/481a8000.serial/tty/ttyO4$ sudo cat uartclk
debian@vBBB20:/sys/devices/ocp.3/481a8000.serial/tty/ttyO4$ sudo cat custom_divisor

Looks interesting, but not sure how to manipulate these things? Device Tree? DTC? Config files?
I am watching this thread closely now. Thx!

DId you guys have any luck? I need to get 250k working on a beaglebone black as well