Change BeagleBone Green Wireless SSID

Been working with the SoftAp0 that comes with the BBGW from Seeed. Haven’t found a way to change the BeagleBoneXXXX SSID that shows up to something simple like ‘MoonBeam’. Can anyone please suggest a way? Needed for a project that expects a simple known SSID in the desert.

Also found that the BeagleBoneXXXX SSID mysteriously disappears after a while - doesn’t show up in the SSID scan on many devices including the iPhone. What causes this?


I changed the SSID, but got reverted after rebooting, Tethering SSID is reverted to default value after BBB reboot

在 2016年7月18日星期一 UTC+8下午9:25:43,VicS写道: