Change I2C-2 Frequency

Hi all,
I have a Beaglboard-XM rev B and i'm doing a project in which i want
to connect it to multiple Cypress PSocs via the I2C-2 bus. I kinda
succeded in it (the Beagle and the PSoc comunicate perfectly), anyway
i need the frequency of such I2C bus to run at 100KHz (don't ask
why!). Right now the bus is running at 400KHz (checked with an
oscilloscope), i can easly change the frequency of the Psoc I2C, but i
have no idea how to change the one on the Beagle (apparently 400Khz
was my default setting). i checked on saint google for hours but could
find any reliable information on how to do it.

So how can i change the frequency of the I2C-2 bus ?

Here's what i found:
1) is it done via UBoot ? I don't think so, i searched the UBoot
sourcecode, but i didn't find anything related (maybe i'm just too
inexperienced/dumb to see it)

2) is it done via Kernel ? probably... but how ? i found this patch: which claims to
do what i need, but i don't see any version information (kernel
version ? for example), so i'm not using it, don't want to risk
compromising my Beagle.

If anyone or someone who already have done it can help me in this
matter, i would greatly appreciate it
Thanks for your time and understanding
Federico S.

You can change this by modifying the kernel code and rebuilding.

The i2c bus speed is set in arch/arm/mach-omap2/board-omap3beagle.c

Look for the omap3_beagle_i2c_init function. Change the speed in the call
to omap_register_i2c_bus.


thank you very much i’ll look into it