Change X Display size under VNC


I'm trying to configure VNC with my B7 Beagleboard, running the 2009.x-
stable Angstrom release as I don't have an HDMI display at present. I
can access the Beagleboard desktop remotely via ethernet, running
x11vnc on the Beagleboard and SSL/SSH VNC viewer on my desktop but it
will only display at 640 * 480 resolution. I've tried adding a '-
geometry 1024x768' parameter to the x11vnc command invoked by the /etc/
X11/Xinit.d/02vnc script, but this stops the service running at all.
If I try to change the screen resolution within Enlightenment, it
reports 'No refresh rates were reported by your X Display server'. I'm
(obviously!) not an 'X' expert, so could anyone give me a pointer as
to how I can increase my screen resolution under VNC ?


I'm running 2.6.35 linux_omap and have been able to set the size using
the u-boot parameters. You need to pass these parameters into the
kernel when it is starting up.

You should modify the bootargs to the kernel to include something like

When the beagle boots, there is a countdown. Interrupt it by typing a
key (on the serial port), and issue 'printenv'. You'll see all the
environment vars.

In addition, you may want to add -nomodtweak to the file in /etc/X11/
Xinit.d/02vnc. Otherwise, the server does not handle shift keys
properly on US keyboards.

Bob Monsen

Many thanks - that sorted it nicely !