Changing display resolutions...

How do you change the display resolution (of the eventual device, e.g
DVI) in real-time in Linux? Do you change the timings field found at /



Hi Jerry!

I need to do the same, and I dont have the device access over the sysfs due to an kernel without dss2. But I read that with an kernel >=2.6.29 the dss2 is included and resolutions can be changed in realtime by choosing a different display mode in the sysfs structure (dss2 documentation:

I also tried to change the resolution over the framebuffer driver (struct fb_var_screeninfo in linux/fb.h). But the pixelclock and the other timings did not change.


I have pseudo managed to get it working before, by echo'ing to the
timings node.
My steps are now as follows:
a) disable display
b) disable manager
b) echo new timings to the displayx/timings
c) fbset appropriately
d) enable manager
e) enable display

This seems to be working reliably for me now - previously, i had
omitted the fbset operation and was getting GFX_FIFO_UNDERFLOW errors
from the driver. This would happen randomly.