Changing McBSP Registers on BBxM with eUbuntu

Hi everybody,

I build an audiocodec daughterboard for the Beagleboard xM (BBxM) and now I would like to set up the registers of the OMAP3 - Processor so that the BBxM can communication with the audiocodec. As far as I could figure out, I will have to edit the kernel and recompile it, but I can’t even find the file that I would have to edit. I even found a patch for Asoc that should add support ofmy Codec (CS42448).

I am quite new to Linux and getting really desperate on this one. Can anyone tell me, in which file on an ubuntu system the mcBSP Registers are set, where I can find a good tutorial to change it and how to recompile the kernel?

Any tiny bit of information would be really appreciated!

Thanks a lot!