changing partion size on sd card

Growing a partition is a relatively safe thing to do if your card hasn’t been used too much since you’ve installed an image onto it. Growing a partition on a device that was well used, and adjacent partitions that have been used, albeit not to the full capacity can cause problems.

SInce you’re using Ubuntu, you’re in luck! The program you want is GParted. GParted is a wonderful partition utility and never I had data corrupt on me after a resize. I had some wonky partitions on my cards just to test out and all got resized properly.

So give GParted a try! Open up a terminal session and do a sudo apt-get install gparted and get groovin!

You will have to launch it on a command line first (in your gnome-terminal or xterm app), as you will have to run it as a super user using the sudo command.

But if you’re in a situation where you have a bunch of files that are critical, you’d better back up first, which it’s given concern.

Basically, to grow a partition on a device that is not fragmented (by multiple data use), is not a problem. In your case, it shouldn’t be an issue.

By the way, if you haven’t used Unix for 30 years, that means that 30 years ago, I was still spilling milk over my parents’ computer, quite possibly being the culprit of multiple “stack overflows” and kernel panics…

Hope that steers you in the right direction, despite my quite verbose and meandering explanation.


Danno C

Thank you Danno,

worked like a charm!

Angstrom still boots and df tells me it worked!