changing the port in BBB


I have an internet connection and I need to share that service among 3 BBBs that are operating on the same site.

At any time, I will need to review (or change) remotely the configuration of each one. To do this, the ISP will assign a public IP to your router. I will connect the 3 BBB to a switch to share the internet service and configure the router with Network address translation (NAT), that is, to each BBB I will assign a different IP address and port. That way when I’m anywhere from the browser (Google chrome or firefox) of my lap top, I will write the public IP and the port assigned to each BBB to access each device.
I know how to assign a static IP to each BBB, but not how to change the default port (3000). Is it possible to program different ports to each BBB?


You don't need to change anything on the BBB, just do it in your
firewall.. (Port Forwarding: incoming port W redirected in network to
device X at port Y)

Or you can do it at first server, using nginix port foward based on path..

Tons of different ways..


Thanks Robert