changing the triggers of gpio pins

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I am experiencing beaglebone black and using it on Debian. I figured out that there are directories for gpio pins and leds. When i am in these directory by changing value and direction field i can use it as what i want. But i want to be use gpio pins as same as led pins. Means that, there is no any “trigger” for gpio pins but i wannt to add like “heartbeat” trigger to any pins,non-leds. Is there anyway to get it?

Or i also figured out “device tree overlay” structure during my web searching like here, there are some sample of .dts files but i can not find that how can be done adding trigger to any pins in means of syntax. How can i use any pins that triggered by heartbeat,cpu0 etc?
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Is there anyone can help me?

Is there anyone can help me?

What do you need help with?

If you want to use the triggers provided by the led interface, use the led interface. The pin will go high or low voltage with the led interface or gpio interface.

GPIO is for general purpose io, so it’s not going to have fancy patterns or anything, just on, off, in, out.