Chipsee Expansion board / Linux-3.14

Hello everybody,

anyone got luck in getting the Chipsee Expansion board (7-inch LCD) working with beaglebone-black ?

I compiled the Linux kernel from (3.14 branch) and enabled the bbb-exp-c in the bone dts file : arch/arm/boot/dts/am335x-boneblack.dts

/* /
#include “am335x-bone-bbb-exp-c.dtsi” */
+#include “am335x-bone-bbb-exp-c.dtsi”

But the Display does not show up :frowning:

Any hints are welcome !

It a regression, currently bisecting this one..

btw, you can also just set:

debian@beaglebone:~$ cat /boot/uEnv.txt | grep dtb


Got it.. disable:


I'll push out a new release as this affects all lcd capes..


Thanks for the hints setting the dtb file to dtb=am335x-boneblack-bbb-exp-c.dtb solved the problem.