Chipsee Touch-Screen Via Bare-Metal

I have a Chipsee 7" LCD/capacitive touch-screen cape that I’m trying to interface via “bare-metal” on a Beaglebone-Black. I am able to drive the LCD fine and it works very good. The problem is I’m having difficulty understanding the Touch-Screen and interfacing with it.

Now, according to the Chipsee supplied schematic the touch interface has 3 signals: GPIO1(bit #17), I2C1_SCL, and I2C1_SDA. I can read the “event” flag on GPIO1 (bit #17) just fine and it works as expected as a boolean flag. However, I’m really having trouble getting any serial data over SDA. I “think” that my pin/muxing is correctly set to mode#2 and I’m reading from data offset at memory 0x4802A000. However, I always get a value of 0x87 at all times.

Anyone have a suggestion on this?

Thanks in advance!