ChipSelect on spidev2.0 of the beaglebone


How we can select the ChipSelect on spi1 (dev/spidev2.0)? by default the SPI1_CS0 is used and I would like use one or the either two connects two spi-modules…



The second number in the spidev2.0 tells you which chip select that device node is for, in this case (as you correctly mentioned) chip select 0. To enable chip select 1 you must modify the board file to add chip select 1 in addition to chip select 0 through spidev. the kernel board file

static struct spi_board_info bone_spi0_info[] = {
.modalias = "spidev",
.max_speed_hz = 48000000, //48 Mbps
.bus_num = 1,
.chip_select = 0,<---- this would be 1
.mode = SPI_MODE_1,

This is from memory so somebody please correct me if it's a touch wrong!