Choice of LCD Cape and Android for control system - "Out of the Box?"

I am planning to use BBB + Android and an LCD cape to act as USB host to our client data acquisition PCB which we manufacture and currently run via BLE/USB control from a smart phone.

I’m an absolute newbie at using BBB and this environment, but have tens of years experience with embedded systems, DSP and FPGA design, we already have a dedicated PCB which interfaces via BLE or USB to an Android Smartphone; which works well. We wish to use BBB + Android + suitable cape to replace the smartphone so we can box the entire system as a single entity.

I need help with the following questions / topics:

  1. A suitable LCD touchscreen cape (anything from 3.5" upwards).

  2. A suggested route for minimal development effort (getting our AndroidApp to drop-in with minimal modification).

  3. Clarification on licensing issues (in plain English) so that having bought BBB + Android OS + cape we can sell as part of our product without further requirements.

Unit cost is important; but not as important as diversion of our R & D team into developing solutions (BBB and Android issues) apart from our core skills (FPGA and DSP) - so an “off the shelf” solution is preferred.

Having said that; the BBB seems an exciting route to providing HID to our specific data acquisition hardware; so any help getting me started in the right direction is greatly appreciated.