Chrom shows blank page for Beaglebone Black Cloud9

I am new to Beaglebone and Cloud9 and just try to use Cloud9 on my Beaglebone board. At the beginning, it works when I typed But after I update the Chrome to most updated version, it displays a blank page after typed I still can use Firfox which display the Cloud9 IDE perfectly. But my firefox is very slow. Any idea of what can cause this issue? Thanks a lot.

I’ve been getting the same problems as well. I tried firefox, but it seems like the tabs don’t show and a lot of the buttons are misplaced. I’m looking for a problem now; will keep you updated!

Same problem here with Chrome 43.0.2357.81 on OSX.

Safari seems to work still. I’m guessing it has to do with a Chrome update?

Has anyone found a solution to this problem? I have a newer chromebook, so I’ve only ever gotten a blank page when I try to use the cloud9 page on the board. I have my existing cloud9 account and would like to use that with the beaglebone. Is that a possible workaround? and how do you connect the board to the existing cloud9 account?

I re-flashed the BBB to the latest image.

This resolved the blank page issue with Chrome, but for some reason I no longer have the ability to download the project - or any source code for that matter.

To get around the new issue, I use the following workaround:

Sorry to go off topic, but how did you get your Beaglebone to establish a connection with your Chromebook? Been trying to get it working for the last couple days without any luck.