CircuitHub launches group buys with build of GamingCape

CircuitHub has launched a new service to do group buys to bring the
costs of building an assembled PCB much cheaper to the individual. I'm
sure several of you have seen Max Thrun's GamingCape design that was a
bit hit in last year's TI Intern Design Contest.

I've uploaded Max's open hardware design to CircuitHub and they
launched a new tool enabling us to go in together on a board build.
This means we can use our combined purchasing power to lower the cost
of buying the components and justifying the time it takes to setup
machines to do the assembly. While Max's assembly skills are
mesmerizing, they aren't going to put many boards in people's hands.

The assembled board is $99.

For a bit more information, visit:

Or, jump straight to the campaign at:

Note that this is a group purchase and not an off-the-shelf product.
Max has done much of the hard work in designing and testing this
board, but it isn't necessarily perfect. I'll be working with
CircuitHub over the next few weeks to fix issues that Max has pointed
out. Follow-up here or join the Disqus conversation on the page to
help us hammer out the details, visit Max's page to review the design
materials and join the fun.