Circular dependency in Angstrom packages

Based on my few knowledge and experience, I think opkg only updates for the version available in the repository, based on your angstrom version (2011.03, 2012.05), and the machine or processor you are using. If the package available for your kernel, processor and machine is not the latest, you won’t get the latest version.
To see the available packages go to :
To see the processor and angstrom version of a single package, click on it and go for details.

I hope it answer your question.


I think you might be using the angstrom 2011.03 image, that uses the kernel 2.6.32, if i’m right. The newer one, the 2012.05 uses a newer kernel, like 3.1.(something) or 3.2. (something), can’t remember now.
There is a new version of narcissus under test, that creates 2012.05 images for beagleboard. It can be found here:

You also can follow the procedure described here to build your own image with the latest kernel:
I think it’s not possible to install apt-get, since the opkg is the similar tool.
To update the list of packages on opkg, run opkg update. It will get the latest packages available to your image.

I’m not linux or angstrom expert, but I hope it helps. Sorry if i explained something you already know.


Fernando Rocha