Clarification: TinCanTools is discontinuing ONLY beagleboard accessories

TinCantools is discontinuing all beagleboard accessories. this includes the Zippy, Zippy2, Animal LVDS, and Trainer. this does not include the Flyswatter or Flyswatter2.

Is there a "lifetime buy" opportunity? In other words, can folks
place orders now for quantities of these boards that they might want,
before production is halted completely?


there is no plan to offer that option. if the quantity was large enough(i.e. 250+ units), it might be considered.



so the main reason to discontinue products is low production volume, right?


the zippy, zippy2 and trainer have sold extremely well over the last 4 years. with the introduction of some of the lower cost platforms such as the beaglebone and raspberry pi, the demand for these boards has dropped off dramatically. at our current sales rate, another production run of these boards does not seem feasible. TinCanTools plans to concentrate on providing more low cost tools such as jtag, logic analyzers, device debuggers, and data collection.