Clock stability: Pocket Beagle

This one is for Jason Kridner or anyone else in the know of clock specs on the Pocket Beagle. Do we know what the clock stability is in terms of +/-ppm of drift? Any data on the phase noise of the master clock? Knowing this would help us decide if we need an external TCXO or if we can use the crystal oscillator onboard.


Y1 Interquip 5XBB24000183TF50Q3, CTS 445A35A24M00000, TXC
7A-24.000MAAJ-T 1 24MHz crystal, SMD, 5x3.2mm

7A-24.000MAAJ-T: 24MHz ±30ppm Crystal 18pF 50 Ohms 2-SMD, No Lead