Cloning image to eMMC failure

Hi everyone,

I have been working with the BeagleBone Black Rev C for work. It seems that I am having an issue cloning an image to the eMMC of a new beaglebone. I can successfully clone an image to a microSD card and flash older beaglebone black Rev C boards without problem. This is similar to user Mgeorgia’s issue on this forum:

When attempting to flash the new beaglebone blacks, the serial output is 100% identical compared to flashing an old beaglebone with the same image. The output designates successful flashing. However, the new boards do not boot up after a power cycle and never boot again. The serial outputs a stream of “CCCCCCCC.”

Using the same method, I can flash images to older beaglebones. I can also successfully flash the original stock image onto the new beaglebones. There is only an issue when trying to clone images to a new beaglebone, although the serial output does not indicate any problems.

I have been using the disk dump command, dd, as per the official eMMC extracting/flashing page: I also tried to flash without on the fly compression. The issue is still present.

I want to point out that all of the boards with this issue seem to have the wrong eMMC device. The last 15 I received have a Kingston eMMC part number “EMMC04G-S100.” When I look at the BOM spreadsheet on the official webpage (, this eMMC is not listed there. The only ones are: Kingston KE4CN2H5A and Micron MTFC4GLDEA 0M WT.

Does this matter? Could this be causing an issue when flashing the eMMC? Is this chip actually an allowed alternative and the BOM on the page hasn’t been updated? I see that this different eMMC has a 5.0 class standard (as opposed to the 4.5 and 4.41 of the specified Kingston and Micron chips, respectively).

What can I do to get around this? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!