Cloning SD card with ubuntu

Hi All,

Are there any way to clone an SD card with a working Ubuntu 12.04 for BeagleBoard xm? I’d like to have a backup by cloning, so the cloned SD can be bootable and works just like the original.

Thanks in advance.

On the xM:

sudo dd if=/dev/mmcbkl0 of=(second card)


Thank you for the quick reply, does that mean I can clone the SD card on the xm itself while it is running? I thought I have to power it off, pull the card out, and do it on something like a PC ubuntu or vm…

So I have to get a SD card adapter and for the “of” part, is that correct? Thanks in advance.

RobertCNelson於 2014年2月15日星期六UTC+8上午12時36分13秒寫道:

Either or "should" work.. just as long as you do not use any uuid values in
u-boot or /etc/fstab..


Nice tool: PV!

pv /dev/sdb | dd of=<sd_image_file>

Then, you will see the progress!


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