Cloud9, GateOne SSH, & Bonescript on Ubuntu

Hi, I just started Ubuntu 13.04 on an SDCard, expanded the filesystem and booted through it. So far it’s ok, but I would like to install in Ubuntu the same functionality that comes with the pre-installed Ångström distribution, that is, Cloud9, Gateone SSH & Bonescript. I googled a little and found that cloud9 is under /var/lib/cloud9 on Ångström and I copied it to Ubuntu. I also apt-getted nodejs. What else should I do to present the exact same web welcome screen and resources that I can find when I boot through Ångström?

What is your host system? Ubuntu, MAC, Windows, other? What image (specifically) did you install? Is it an image built specifically for beaglebone or beaglebone black? If so then all that stuff should be built in to the image already, it should come up as a usb storage drive when you hook it up to your pc via the included usb cable. If you open the drive location you should see a “start.htm” file and just open that in either chrome or firefox, same way as with the Angstrom image that comes pre-installed.

Sorry for taking so long to respond - I have an Ubuntu host. I have used the image from here: - specifically for the beaglebone black. It does not seem to have the cloud9 etc. and “find / -name start.htm” (or html) returns nothing.

hmmm…but does it still show up as a USB device when you connect to your pc with the USB cable? If not you may need to look at whether your eMMC partitions got setup correctly. If it does come up as a USB storage device, but just doesnt have the files, then this is what you are looking for…just download it all (click the “zip” button) and put everything in the root of the drive, then you should be able to access cloud9, GateOne, etc. by opening up the drive and double-clicking “start.htm”.

as an alternative, the getting started page is available online at so if you cant get it working any other way, just make a bookmark in your browser and open it that way. It’s the exact same page that opens when you double-click “start.htm”.

You know i tried a different image from a different site, about a week ago, and it worked fine, it had all the “getting started” stuff where it was supposed to be and everything. I went back to Angstrom but i still have the image and the link to the tut…you can find it here…the link should open up about 1/3 of the way down the page, so you won’t even have to scroll. Just download the image they have there and then write it to your SDcard and follow the normal update process. This should give you a working image of ubuntu that already has that stuff installed in their correct locations, at least it worked out that way for me. Try this if you wouldn’t mind and see if it doesn’t work better for you.

Thanks, I’ll try (the quantal 13.04 image, that is; I don’t want to reflash the partition where Ångström is). As for the image, yes, the partition was set correctly, I guess it’s just that the person who set it up did not take the time to configure this environment. Does this quantal 13.04 image has device tree?

um…as far as I know. If that’s the case though, you should just need to download the “getting started” stuff from the link i posted. That will get you all the files you would normally see in your device when connecting to your host pc via USB. As far as I can tell, that’s all you seem to need…right? I just recommended the flasher because i know for a fact it has that stuff already, but if you want to avoid reflashing, then I’d just go with downloading the files you need from jadonk’s github.

Ah… Ok, now I got it. Will try it right on. Thanks again!

did u really get it? when i open i get blank apache server directory.

No, not really. I am kinda busy until friday, I’ll try to respond properly to you on saturday

What, It's a blank slate, waiting for you to install what you need..

(cloud9/gateone/etc is not installed by default with my ubuntu/debian images.)


yes. i think, i should install the application at apache home directory. In angstrom is the webserver is node or apache?

and my host operating system is ubuntu 13.04