Clutter 0.8 _EglNative And Touch Screen Issue

Hi All,
I am having a clutter application using clutter 0.8 with Eglnative On Angstrom beagleboard using PowerVr driver.And for getting Touch screen support I installed tslib and all the configuration file, and tested successfully on top of X.But Failed to configure it for Console, where I tired to run my Clutter Eglnative application.And the application is runing properly but the click event are not getting enabled.
Here am mentioning the steps which I followed

Inserted the Touchscreen Module (insmod *.ko)

Killed X
/etc/init.d/gpe-dm stop

export TSLIB_TSDEVICE=/dev/input/touchscreen0

ts_test- drag and draw functions are working properly

ts_calibrate - Calibrated properly.

So where am wrong , why clutter application is not taking touch screen.

Pls help mecl,Thanks in Advance